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"Viticulture is, in a way, the unwritten history of the Šibenik farmer and his centuries-old connection with the cultivation of vines, which had a decisive significance in his entire life."
Andrija Tambača - (Viticulture and winemaking of the Šibenik region through the centuries)

The poor land and difficult rugged landscape forced the poor to engage in the production of grapes and wine, where they proved to be excellent winegrowers and winemakers. The first mention of viticulture in the Šibenik area dates back to the 11th century. St. It is an archaeological find of a stone fragment with a three-wire braid and a vine. The first written evidence of the expansion of vine cultivation dates back to 1298, when the Sibenik diocese was founded in Šibenik. Just as throughout history the inhabitants of this region went through many turbulent periods, so viticulture and winemaking had their ups and downs, and they left the most significant mark during the time of the Republic of Venice and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

What we are proud of today grew out of the desire of thousands of those who knew each other by their calloused hands, who wanted to be their own. Thus, on October 28, 1959, Šibenik became richer for another economic facility, Vinoplod was born.

  • In 1959, the first harvest took place. 350 wagons of wine mature in the cellar.
  • In 1964, the first line for bottling wine, the first bottles and the first big victory were created. Jure was born, the red cap, the broad smile of the old Šibenik heavy hitter was recognized in all markets.
  • 1974 year. New filling station, first automatic line, new distillery.
  • In 1984, the first premium wine was born under the supervision of wine experts. As a complex sensation of color, smell and taste, the Top Babić was born and became the trademark of Vinoplod, Primošten, Šibenik and Croatia.

After many vineyards were destroyed in the Homeland War, the restoration and establishment of new ones reached its peak from 2003 to 2007, and that time produced most of the winemakers who are still present in our area. Vinoplod-Vinarija and Šibenik-Knin County were the first to begin the renovation and revitalization of vineyards through lending to subcontractors, as part of the Viticulture Renewal Program.

Today, domestic black varieties (Plavina 60%, Babić 40%) predominate in the area of ​​Šibenik-Knin County, and the most common white varieties are Debit 80% and Maraština 20%.

In order to maintain a leading position in wine production, we have improved processing technology by applying cold fermentation and preserving wine through controlled aging temperature. Investing in the reconstruction and modernization of grape processing and wine aging began in 2002, with the acquisition of new grape presses, conveyors, presses, vinifiers for processing red grapes and tanks for controlled fermentation of white must, along with a complete renovation of the production line for Komovica and Lozovac.

Quality and premium wines mature in wooden barrels in Primošten and in a cellar with barrique barrels in Šibenik. Emphasis in production is placed on our autochthonous and domesticated varieties, with which we find our place under the sun with their richness of smell and taste.