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"The stingy land keeps its treasure. Every grain to the heart in the middle bears little and does not give much but what it gives is worth three times more ..."

Christmas catalog 2022.

Whether you are looking for a wine with rounded tannins, which are soft on the palate and in perfect balance, or prosecco as a symbol of Dalmatia, or something to give as a gift like a travarica immersed in a clay pot amphora, Vinoplod Vinarija has prepared a Christmas catalog for 2022.


Tasting room

A drop that is "worth three times more"

The doors of our Tasting Room for individual visits are open from June 1st to September 15th on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12am to 3pm. Ticket for tour you can buy in our Vinoplod Discount store. If you want enjoy in a group visit under the guidance of our experienced and charming guide you need to book an appointment in...



The first mention of viticulture comes from the XI. St.

The poor land and difficult rugged landscape forced the poor to engage in the production of grapes and wine, where they proved to be excellent winegrowers and winemakers. The first mention of viticulture in the Šibenik area dates back to the 11th century. St. It is an archaeological find of a stone fragment with a three-wire braid and a...



Prizes and awards

Tradition, experience and quality in production

Every year brings something new, so the challenge is to choose the samples that we send for evaluation in order to confirm our quality, which we have maintained for many years. It is difficult to say how many awards, for example, Travarica received, but it needs to be justified again and again and continuity maintained. The champion in its category continues to receive praise, thanks to the combination of tradition and quality.


Discount store

Visit us at our discount store at Velimira Škorpika 2 in Šibenik and discover the rich offer of drinks that we have prepared just for you. Working time Monday-Friday: 08.00h-18.00h and Saturday:...

Wine analysis

Whether you are a serious producer or you make wine as a hobby, or maybe you want to know more about how wine is cared for, we offer a laboratory analysis service.

Loyalty club

Vinoplod Loyalty Club is a program that we activated because of your loyalty, and in which you expects a discount every time you use the Vinoplod...